• Bhavan's Vidya Mandir
    School will reopen on 7th June 2021 for LKG to 10 and grade 12th

    Call Us - 04922210342 / 211213

  • Bhavan's Vidya Mandir
    School will reopen on 7th June 2021 for LKG to 10 and grade 12th

    Call Us - 04922210342 / 211213

  • School Motto

    Our school is four walls with tomorrow inside where children Think, Dream Believe and Achieve

  • Student Motto

    Being the very best I can be, rests within me.

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    To enable each student to become a well educated [...]

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    To achieve our vision we will prepare our students [...]

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Mentor's Messages


Mr. N. N. Ramachandran


The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Palakkad Kendra came into existence in the eighties of last century. Initial year were spent on enrolling life membership and rendering services in the Educational field by giving scholarships, arranging lectures and discourses on Religious & Cultural heritages. In the nineties we decided to start a pucca Educational institution at Chithali in an area of our own and established The Bhavan's Vidya Mandir. Thanks to the efforts of the leaders of the Kendra a very good efficient and praise worthy Senior Secondary English Medium School. Senior Secondary School came into existence and got duly affiliated to the CBSE. Now under the dynamic and able leadership of the Principal Smt. Subadra Muralidharan, the school has grown into greater heights and has won the appreciation of not only the Parents of the students of the school but also the public at large and the heads of departments of Education and the Bhavans Headquarters at Mumbai for its Academic Excellence and imparting of value based education with an eye on the development of the talents of the students. I look forward to an era of all round development of this Bhavan's Educational institution and I do wish well to the Principal and her team of devoted teachers and staff.



Vice Chairman

I am very happy to learn that the website of our school is being restructured. At a time when attempts are being made to tear down the country in the names of many divisive forces, the relevance of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is assuming greater importance. The version of our founder Kulapathi Munshiji in implanting Indianness in the minds of every Indian has to a great extent helped us remain sober and rise above parochial and other discordant feelings. The role of our school and its teachers in moulding responsible and patriotic Indians can never be overemphasized. While congratulating the Principal and all her co-workers in undertaking this arduous task, I wish them all success in their endeavors to live upto the ideals of our founder.


Shri Raghunandanan Parakkal


We, in Bhavan's believe that the World is one family (Vasudeva Kudumbakam) and all creatures living in this Universe lead a happy life (Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu). Enthused and inspired by the above tenets and keeping in mind that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow,we in Bhavan's Vidya Mandir impart knowledge to the students to mould them into responsible and active citizens. A team of committed faculty members lead by a cheerful and capable Principal, Mrs.Subhadra Muralidharan inculcates value based education and elicits the best in every student. I should profusely thank the Parent Teacher Association of the school for their excellent support in the improvement of the infrastructure. An individual's journey for knowledge starts from the cradle and ends up in the coffin. Learning is an unending process, the day one stops learning he or she is as good as a dead person. One can enjoy the nectar of knowledge only if he looks around and convert the possibilities into opportunities. A stone is broken by the last stroke of the hammer. This doesn't mean that the first stroke is useless.Success is the result of continuous and persistent efforts. I mean to say that the teachers from Kindergarten to 12th grade are equally responsible in instilling confidence and bringing out the best in each and every student. It is said that the fragrance of the flowers drift in the direction of the wind, but the goodness of a person spreads in all directions. Common everybody lend a hand to prepare and churn out worthy and useful citizens to the society. Let us put our best foot forward and make learning an enjoyable experience.


Mrs. Subadra Muralidharan


Making a difference in the lives of children is a pleasant assignment that is entrusted to the teachers, parents and the members of the Society. The role of teachers in this matter is decisive. Every small action that we perform makes a change in the student's life. The educators are faced with two challenges. A Completion of the rigorous and vast curriculum and induction of the human values in the taught. These tasks have to be accomplished against odds - a plethora of antagonistic lifestyles rife in our society. My Motto: Walk the talk

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To enable each student to become a well educated, productive and Proactive adult to cope with an ever changing world.

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